Spontaneous creativity!

So I will admit the crochet bug has not been very active with me this summer. I get too warm, the hooks squeak, the yarn gets caught and it’s not just as enjoyable to do. It means my Tigger blanket and Breaking Bad cushion are on hold for the time being. At least until I find the time/motivation for them. This hasn’t stopped me with the quick makes though.

Firstly I needed a new case if I wanted to make anything. When I first started to crochet, I bought a set of hooks and a case off eBay for about £3. Over the year, the inside of the case has ripped meaning I’m losing useful items or just stabbing around when trying to put a hook back. Ebay came to the rescue again though with this cheap and cute pencil-case. I’m loving how compact it is and how it can fit everything in. Even candy!!!


I also got back in touch with one of my very old hobbies. Tamagotchis. (Yes they do still make them, yes they do still die like they used to, no I won’t let you have mine). I bought myself the newly released m!x and have been looking after that. I also bought 2 v4 connections and a v2. They have since died though as looking after 4 tamas whilst having a toddler was a little ambitious. Tamagotchis did mean that I had a reason to crochet though. Below is a little cotton bag I made to keep my connections safe from harm.


I also made this little crochet cover the m!x. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t even know that people made these things. A lot has changed since I was young and in school and it seems it’s now “cool” to crochet. Especially cool if you add it to your tamagotchi. This has been my first one (and first off pattern make). It’s a little loose but most likely because of the yarn I used and the number of stitches. 42 was just a little too many I found to keep it snug. I need to make a new one but keep umm’ing and arr’ing over the style I want.


Next comes my spontaneous make. I found the yarn and just went for it. Decided that I needed that yarn (despite my stash) and that was that. Over the course of a week, and a lot of Pokestop farming (trust me I’ve not missed this craze) I got an entire virus shawl completed. (written pattern) My second one made and I love how it’s turned out. I’m actually keeping this for myself.


The yarn in question if anyone is curious. The shade is called “Candied


A close up of the stitches and how the colour the blends


The finished product.

I was so happy with how this turned out. It’s lovely and large and so soft to touch. It will be great to wear come this autumn. It took just over 3 skeins to make and was so quick to build up. My only nitpicks about the yarn was 1, how loose it had been wound, this meant it practically unraveled once I started to crochet and 2, it would get so knotted onto itself when I needed to frog or untangle it as I went along. Aside from that I’d certainly recommend it over the Stylecraft Cabaret that I’ve used in the past. (Sorry Stylecraft, I love you but your cabaret range is very overrated for the price)

Hopefully now the weather is cooling down I can started on my old projects again. I’m going to be busy as will be starting university as a mature student (I’m so nervous!) but fingers crossed I’ll be able to find some downtime for them.


Little bit of work done

So after my few hats from last time I went and completed the Frozen hat and got them mailed off. I was happy with how it turned out though think maybe a few more rows might have made it a little better a fit. I didn’t go for the patterns style of the flowers as it just too fiddly by that point. Maybe at a later date but we will see.


As you can see the back edge sort of straightens a little too much. I’m not sure if there is a way to fix this unless there is a way to work on the round instead. I doubt it though.

I then went on to make my first ever amigurumi. I bought the book with my birthday stash but never got around to making anything simply due to getting frustrated at the stitch counts and pattern reading. When you’ve got a 2 year old running around, counting to 6 can be near impossible.


I used the Edwards Menagerie book from Kerry Lord and an aran yarn that a friend had bought me as a gift. This meant the size was larger with a 5mm hook than it would have been with my DK. This I think made it easier to see the stitches as I went along. I would highly recommend the book, even to very novice crocheters. The instructions were clear and easy to follow even with photo guides at the back of how to do each stitch on it’s own. There are even online guides by the creator on how to do stuffing and sewing which helps greatly.

In the meantime I’ve started a new graphghan for my daughter. It’s only 6 rows in so no photos as of yet but should fit a child size bed. The image chosen is of Tigger (her favourite toy).

I’ve also been working on the Attic24 cosy stripe blanket. This however is proving more tricky. I’ve had a few problems reading the pattern and determining where the stitches should be put. Though it looks fine on one side and in the middle of the blanket, the other side however is a little wonky. I’ve figured out where I’m going wrong though and hopefully with some luck it should straighten back out again. I was going to give it as a gift, but due to this huge error I’ve decided t keep it for myself as it is still lovely and soft and would be such a waste of yarn/work.

As you can see, left side, normal stitches and looking good. Right side, ever decreasing side due to me moving stitches across and as such losing them each row. I’m not cut out for this traditional crochet haha


Little gifts

A friend asked recently if anyone could make a sweet little hat she’d found from pinterest. It seemed simple enough so I’ve taken up the challenge.

I ended up having to make two as I couldn’t get the sizing right. They were surprisingly quick to make though and I seem to have finally mastered the hat increase.


My second make for her was this little headband. It measures newborn as I was again unsure what size to make it. This is a rather difficult and sensitive topic though. The hats I’m making are for her two daughters. I figured her one daughter may get left out as the baby was getting all new gifts. So I’m making her a separate hat on the side. And this is where the dilemma comes in. Sadly 18 months ago they lost their second daughter due to a log term illness. In making hats for the two I don’t want to ignore a daughter that was once there. Maybe I’m making a problem for myself but I feel like I should remember her someway. Is that right or wierd of me?


Here is the headband anyways. A butterfly to symbolise her journey with down syndrome.

For her older daughter I’m making a Frozen bonnet like. The one Anna wears. She’s a princess fan sp it seems appropriate. I don’t have photos of that yet though as finding time to crochet with an active toddler is tricky. Hopefully soon though.


Quick makes

So after completing my cushion I’ve decided to make a few quick makes, following patterns I’ve had stashed for a while. It also means I’ve worked through some of my yarn I’ve had left over so I’ll be able to buy more in the future.


Firstly is this Russian style sunhat for my 2 year old daughter. It’s 100% cotton with a rose applique. Took about 1 50g skein and maybe 6 hours total. This was due to a complete frogging and having never made one before. Considering how my last hat when I was very impressed with this one and it’s simplicity.


I also made this travel scarf. It took a little longer mostly due to the yarn. I used 1 skein of Stylecraft Cabaret in Rainbow. Due the woven in plastic for the glitter effect it meant that it didn’t “flow” as a normal yarn would. Also frogging would be very difficult as the yarn would catch on itself. The colours looks amazing though.  I added less of the flowers to it that the pattern recommended, simply because the person who is getting this prefers things to be simpler. I also removed the tassels as they just didn’t look right in the shades I had left.


Blade Runner completed!

So after a tough grind and a little self ass kicking, I got it finished!


Measures : 50cm x50cm

Yarn used – Stylecraft Special Dk

Shades – White, Midnight, Silver, Cloud Blue (all partial skeins)

Shows watched – DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Persona 4 – The animation


A little sum off the pictures above. If you like feel free to come and like my Facebook Page. I don’t spam much there so don’t worry about me taking over your wall 🙂


The final shot of the image, cushion and all. 

I’m not sure what I plan on making next. I’ve just finished designing the pattern for my Mass Effect blanket (a selfish project for myself) however I’m a little worried about how the text will show up once crocheted. Also I’ve got 4 other cushions lined up including a Highlander one which I know will take me a while. Hmmm busy busy…


Blade Runner 53%

So after the Batman blanket I somewhat lost my crojo. It was probably from crocheting myself out over short a span of time. I started up the Blade Runner cushion though and then took a loonnnng break from the hook. I tried my best to make some quick little things in the meantime so figured I’d share what I’ve been up to. My crojo is however finally back now (well slowly coming back) and I’ve got some other things lined up to get started on.

So firstly the cushion. Taken from this picture (don’t worry creator, I’m not making profit from it and totally love your work), it was converted over using pcstitch and is slowly being worked on. It was started maybe 9 weeks ago which will give you the idea of how long it’s taking me.


The pattern and yarn prepped and ready for working with


50% completion here. It’s been hard work due to the amount of colour changes needed but it’s getting there slowly

Other pieces of work include the below. The market bag. This was made in a few hours and was so easy! I had a stash of cotton aran yarn that I’d bought a while back and just wanted to get rid of it. The feeling of the yarn was so hard and stiff to work with so I needed something practical for it. I followed the guide from Bobwilson123. It turned out really nice and the yarn actually helps it be really strong so I can actually use it.


I played a lot of yarn chicken with this bag just trying to use the colours evenly

Next was just something quick and new while my friend was here to visit. I didn’t get as much crochet done that week but was still trying to keep my motivation for it up. It was just a few simple patterns I found over Pinterest/Google that I figured I’d give a try at. I’m not used to following worded guides or making tiny objects but I think they turned out OK for a first attempt.


They would make lovely key rings so I may need to get some for future little things to make.

Next is a completion! I actually finished the virus shawl! It took me nearly 4 months to do. For a project that is quick and very simple, I took such a long time with it. I blame the yarn, haha!


It was made from a cheap bamboo cotton yarn that I’d bought on eBay when I first learnt to crochet. It’s a lace weight and took a long while to build up but it feels so soft and the colours are so bright. I was happy to have this completed though.

Finally is what has got me crocheting again. The Attic24 Cozy Blanket. I ordered the Stylecraft pack with my birthday order and finally decided to give it a try. It’s a very simple pattern and as it was blogged online there is a lot of photo help if needed. As well as a huge community willing to help out. There is a colour chart in the pattern to use as a guide but I’ve been winging it, going with what I’ve felt looks best and even asking people via my instagram page what they would choose. So far so good.


So despite my crojo going missing I’ve actually got quite a bit done looking at it now. I’ve also got my S6 of Diablo 3 mostly completed and am halfway through L A Noire. I’ve been productive. Hopefully this will all keep up and my next post will be with the cushion finished and a new one started.

Oh and before I forget! I took up a new hobby too! Cross stitch! It takes forever to do so total respect to those who do it all the time. Re-threading the needle and sudden knotting of the yarn drives me up the wall. But my first little project is going well. I’m doing a Dr. Who framed picture for my friend who’s just moved into his new house. He should have it by Christmas.



Batman completed!

It’s finally completed and ready to go to it’s new home!


230 x 278 stitches. A total of 63,940 sc stitches.

Complete skeins used : 10 (8 wisteria, 2 black)

Partial skeins used : 8

Series watched : 1 (Agents of Shield – Took a little bit to get going but really good it turns out, would highly recommend it if only for Phil Coulson)

Date started – 9.1.16

Date finished – 15.3.16

It didn’t exactly turn out the huge size I was expecting but is enough to comfortably cover up one large adult (like myself) so certainly nice on a sofa during winter. The fleece backing makes it exceptionally warm and snug. That was attached with a blanket stitch and then a crochet border connecting the two materials thoroughly.

It’s all been topped off in an organza bag (Thanks Wool Warehouse) with ribbon and a custom tag with washing instructions. I’ll be ordering some more professional ones come payday.

But Wapsody Crochet is up and running now and hopefully word will spread of my creations. I’m currently working on the Blade Runner cushion which is coming along at great speed.